Wole Soyinka tags obedients "fascists"

Wole Soyinka has called the Obidients ‘Fascists’ which many sees as one of the grand plan to demarket Peter Obi internationally. Lai Mohammed was just in USA where he called obi an insurectionist. he alongside wole has accused the labour part presidential candidate of trying to cause tensions in the polity. As much they did,this the responses coming from Nigerians to them. ((Wole Soyinka introduced cultism in Nigeria. How many youths have been wasted in cult violence? He joined Tinubu in hounding Goodluck Jonathan at the 2012 Ojota Protest. He was one of those who brought Buhari back to power. He had no Moral Right to call anyone a Fascist, NO RIGHT---firstlady)) ((There are times when you ignore things and refuse to give them air. This is not one of those times. This is the time when you vigorously ensure that some malicious people don't force a jumpsuit over your head and then call you a prisoner. Destroy the mischaracterisation))!--DavidHundeyin pearls--(For a man who Hijacked a Radio Station in the 60s For A Man who Advocated Guerrilla Warfare in the Late 90s Calling Datti a Fascist is a bit Rich & Hypocritical I must say. Wole Soyinka should go & Rest before he thoroughly tarnishes what is left of his Reputation!) Ajibusu---((Wole Soyinka is doing a brief for BAT & hiding under the cloak of the solemnity of the SC. He was nowhere to be found when BAT was screaming Emilokan, GRV got bullied, Mc Oluomo threatened Ndiigbo, etc. He is crawling out now to dictate how a victim reacts? Respectfully, shut up!Wole Soyinka is not bothered by Bola Tinubu's 1993 Narcotics Trafficking & Money Laundering Case, $460,000 Forfeiture, forged certificate, @inecnigeria not following it's guidelines, Shettima’s double nomination, election rigging, and 25% in FCT which APC didn't get. These issues..and many more prompted Datti’s comments. Why focus on the man’s reaction instead of tackling what prompted his reaction? I am not even surprised. After all, he is a Nobel Prize laureate that supported Buhari in 2015 after experiencing his tyranny in the early 80s. Rubbish!)))

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