Peter Obi's disturbing call with Pastor Oyedepo(video)

A certain security agency in Nigeria (Name withheld) compromised the telecommunications company Peter Obi's line is registered to, to get his call records (CDRs) since he joined Labor Party(LP) to contest for Presidency, till just recently. They took time to listen to his telephone conversations.They were hoping to hear him support, or call for interim national government, through his phone conversations. So they can have every reason to arrest him, and charge him for treason, alongside the people he must have discussed with. however they found nothing against him.They found nothing tangible to nail him with. They listened to his phone conversations with notable Nigerians, both locally, and across the globe. They found nothing. Not even protest.
Someone from that agency, leaked that audio, but it was badly edited to suit a certain narrative.The phone conversations between Peter Obi and Bishop Oyedepo, was about the Muslim-Muslim ticket. OBI SAID, IN A SOCIETY LIKE NIGERIA, RELIGIOUS BALANCING WAS A NECESSARY CONSIDERATION. BUT THE RECKLESSNESS OF THOSE PUSHING FOR MUSLIM-MUSLIM TICKET,HAS MADE SOME CHRISTIANS TO ASSUME THIS ELECTION IS A RELIGIOUS WAR. But the people behind this propaganda, carefully edited, cut and joined the conversation, to appear as if Peter Obi, was calling for a religious war. Just to paint his candidacy, as religiously driven movement. According to 99%oppressed

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