Russian forces kill 500+

Newsflash: The Russian Ministry of Defense Representative, Lt. Gen. Konashenkov that answersdirectly to President Putin, has reported that Russian forces on the two primary fronts of Ukraine, Donbas and Kherson, have killed over 500 Ukrainian soldiers and mercenaries. The attack, which was a surprise, mass assault by Russian forces, was aimed at breaking the resistance of the Ukrainians by any means possible. This came as the Ukrainians awaited the delivery of further western tanks and other lethal weapons.
A Ukrainian official who spoke to the media did not confirm the Russian Army's claims but stated that their forces had been suffocating for the last two days. The most significant losses for the Ukrainians were the destruction of entire artillery divisions of their army. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, 84 artillery units of the Ukrainian Army, which had already been deployed in firing positions, plus manpower and equipment in 128 areas, were neutralized by Russian troops.
Independent sources reported that Ukrainian artillery was targeted by Russia's Ka-52 attack helicopters and BM-122 mm anti-aircraft fire. In Avdiivka alone, Ukrainian losses are said to have reached 40% of the city's original 2,000 defenders. The total number of operational reserves in the city is estimated at only 1,200-1,500 personnel. All of this is happening as the Russians are effectively clearing Bahkmut of Ukrainians. In fact, they have deployed seven additional Wagner Assault Groups to hasten the clearing of Bahkmut since the west has refused to concede defeat in the city, despite telling the whole world it was worthless fighting to keep it. The head of the Wagner Group, Prigozhin, personally went to the center of the city - not far from the dwindling Ukrainian position - to prove Wagner's victory in Bahkmut. The situation is the same for the Ukrainians in Kherson, with one analyst stating, "Ukrainians are in a very difficult position. Things may change, but right now, it's very difficult." In one attack in Kherson, 20 Ukrainian soldiers were killed, and several American and other western-supplied weapons were destroyed. There is no doubt that the situation has escalated and could get even worse

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