Russia to deploy Tactical Nuclear weapons in Belarus

It's likely that you've come across the headline news on mainstream media about Russia's plan to deploy Tactical Nuclear weapons in Belarus, which has caused widespread outrage. However, it's important to consider the full story behind this situation.
The media has focused heavily on Russia's decision to deploy these weapons, but they have not provided sufficient context to explain why this decision was made. The truth is that Russia had previously warned that they would take this action if certain events were to occur - specifically, the UK's decision to send Depleted Uranium munitions to Ukraine. These munitions are highly effective in destroying armored tanks, but they also have a significant environmental and human impact, as they contain depleted uranium. When the UK announced their plans to send these munitions, Russia raised concerns and warned that they would have to take action if the shipment went ahead.
Despite these warnings, the UK proceeded with their plans, prompting Russia to deploy Tactical Nuclear weapons in Belarus, as they had previously threatened. It's worth noting that even the Belarusian president warned against the UK's actions, calling them "madness." Despite the reasons behind Russia's decision, NATO and Europe have heavily criticized the deployment of Tactical Nuclear weapons in Belarus. While this situation is undoubtedly complex, it's essential to consider all the factors at play before making judgments or taking sides click here to watch the video 📹

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