Peter Obi ,Tinubu the drug lord(Nigerian president-elect) and Nigerian judiciary system on trial!

Warning ⚠️: This report is basically for Nigerians,reading it might be confusing for a foreigner . Some of it is in Pidgin language.
The Nigerian Judiciary is highly highly corrupt, so Politicians are taking advantage of our corrupt Judiciary, to subvert the will of the people by rigging themselves into power. Hence the phrase "Go to court" because they know nothing will happen. Tinubu planned to use that Format on Peter Obi, after openly rigging himself to victory, alongside corrupt INEC. To them, the highest Peter Obi can do, is to go to court because he knows, it is a local case, and he already has his corrupt Judges there, to do justice, in his favour no matter what but Peter Obi took his time, to study the situation, to get just one thing, that will bend the hands of those corrupt Judges, against selling justice this time around. He systemically related his petition, to one of the most important agencies in the United States, the Narco Dept therefore Tinubu's drug case will attract the eyes of the world, to Nigeria, and Peter Obi's petition in court. With international headlines like, "The opposition candidate has asked the court to disqualify Nigeria's elected president, over past conviction, as drug trafficker in the US"Headlines like "The US Narcotics Department has been called upon, to testify on the drug trafficking, conviction case, of Nigeria's newly elected president in the US, in the 90's. That is international embarrassment, that the US government will monitor carefully.This is not an advice, this is a direct warning from the US. "Must not be interfered with" The US will be following up, the election petition court process in Nigeria, very closely. This is an acid test, for the Judiciary, because the world will beam her torchlight on her. PETER OBI said "I won this election", and i will prove it. TINUBU CAMP: Go to court. PETER OBI IN COURT. Tinubu was convicted for drug trafficking, he is not supposed to contest. ๐Ÿ™„ US narcotic department, will be testifying. The world will watch TINUBU CAMP Scatters in flames๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ญ It’s not just the DEA that has a case with him. IRS, FBI would also be involved. Deloitte would also have to give their testimony. University he attended would also be summoned to testify. A Good media team would ensure this is frontline in all global media. It’s already a developing story. Below is the suite
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