Chemical weapons being used by Ukrainian military against Russia

Reports have surfaced that Ukrainian soldiers have been using Starlink drones to drop chemical gas grenades on Russian soldiers. This has caused an uproar as it is seen as a violation of the intended use of Elon Musk's free satellite Internet connectivity for civilian use.
Many online videos have surfaced showing Ukrainian soldiers mounting chemical gas grenades onto the drones, and the devastating effects of these banned chemical weapons on Russian soldiers. There are also rumors that the US government has issued a 'national security order' preventing Elon Musk from terminating Starlink in Ukraine. This would mean that there is nothing Musk can do about the drones being used for chemical weapon attacks and war crimes. If Musk were to speak out about the issue, he could face serious legal consequences for violating the gag order. It is a complicated and sensitive situation that has brought attention to the misuse of advanced technology for violent purposes

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