Africa shifts focus to Russia

That's why Africa is firmly shifting its focus from colonial Europe towards Russia. As a result, Russia has already gained at least six of France's former African colonies, and despite Macron's attempts to restore confidence with empty promises during his African tour, about five more are expected to fall to Russia in a few months. Africans are becoming more aware and are able to identify who their allies and enemies are. On one side, there are those who seek to enslave Africa with insurmountable debt, while on the other, Russia is working to liberate Africa from debt, as they possess similar or greater resources than Africa. Russia is not as sinisterly parasitic as the others, and Africans are beginning to realize this fact. It doesn't require rocket science to understand this. Thank you, Vlad! In 2019, Russia announced that it had written off $20 billion in debt owed by African countries. The decision was seen as a significant move by Russia to strengthen its ties with African nations and to increase its influence on the continent. The debt write-off was also aimed at boosting economic development in Africa and promoting trade and investment between Russia and African countries. There are several reasons why Russia decided to write off African countries' debt. One of the main reasons is that Russia is looking to expand its presence in Africa and increase its economic and political influence on the continent. Writing off the debt was seen as a way to build goodwill and strengthen Russia's ties with African nations. Another reason for the debt write-off is that many African countries have been struggling with high levels of debt, which has hindered their economic growth and development. By writing off the debt, Russia was helping these countries to reduce their debt burdens and free up resources that could be used to invest in social and economic development projects. In addition, the debt write-off was also seen as a way for Russia to promote trade and investment between Russia and African countries. With the debt burden lifted, African countries would be more likely to do business with Russia, which could lead to increased trade and investment opportunities for both parties. the debt write-off by Russia was a strategic move aimed at strengthening Russia's position in Africa, promoting economic development on the continent, and boosting trade and investment between Russia and African countries Russia and China are supporting Africa's nuclear power drive for several reasons: Economic interests: Both countries see Africa as a potential market for their nuclear technology and services, which could generate significant revenue. Strategic interests: Russia and China want to expand their influence in Africa and establish strong political and economic ties with African countries that are seeking to develop nuclear power. Energy security: Africa's increasing energy demands require the development of new sources of energy, including nuclear power, which could provide a reliable and sustainable source of electricity. Technology transfer: Russia and China can use their support for Africa's nuclear power drive as an opportunity to transfer their advanced nuclear technology to African countries and establish long-term partnerships

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