Russia is about to anex Belarus and this is why?

Exclusive: a consortium of international investigative journalists such @holger_r and Michael Weiss have obtained the Russian Presidential Administration’s strategy document for Vladimir Putin’s takeover of Belarus by 2030. The strategy builds on the long preexisting “Union State” between the two countries, but offers details about how Belarus’ economy, agriculture, industry and military will be subsumed by Putin’s regime in the short, mid and long term. USAmbOSCE called it the “wholesale…The document envisages a “coordinated foreign and defense policy,” putting Belarus, a nation of 9.3 million, at the mercy of Putin in terms of trade (Belarusian exports would now leave from Russian instead of Baltic ports, etc.), intelligence and military affairs.Presidential Directorate for Cross-Border CooperationIt was presented to Dmitri Kozak, the deputy chief of the Presidential Administration, in the Fall of 2021, less than a year before the invasion of Ukraine.The document was drafted by the Presidential Directorate for Cross-Border Cooperation, a subdivision of Putin’s Presidential Administration, focused on Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. According to a Western intelligence officer with direct knowledge of the strategy document, Russia’s domestic, foreign and military intelligence services — the FSB, SVR, GRU, respectively — in addition to the General Staff of the Armed Forces all actively contributed to the Union …Western intelligence tells us the war’s failure so far has only slowed but not halted the implementation of this plan.Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko has shown signs that he isn’t completely on board with this creeping annexation of his country; but his hands are tied since he stole the 2020 and became more beholden to Putin.Belarusian opposition leader @Tsihanouskaya said this plan is a “threat” to the Belarusian people. “It is not a union of equals. It is a roadmap for the absorption of Belarus by Russia. Since our goal is to return Belarus to the path of democracy, it will be impossible to do so…… Yikes. So it looks like president Putin's speech was pre-recorded. Someone wasn't happy about it and decided to leak a clip on RU Telegram. Seriously brace yourselves ... the SMO is over. This has always been the plan of Russian Federation. putin wishes to bring back the old Soviet Union together. he had devised a master plan and carefully charted its course. he is currently implementing the master plan with little or no resistance. he is coming for Estonia Moldova and many others and doubt if the western world will be able to stop him considering how badly the USA and NATO has faired in the current war in Ukraine.

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