Strangest facts about Hushpuppi criminal life as proclaimed by "This is 50"

We were in for a surprise with some of the new findings when 50 cent's website "This Is 50" published an article outlining some of the oddest facts from Hushpuppi's criminal case that we may not know. The following are some of the most significant facts discovered: Hushpuppi attempted to adopt a three-year-old son to support his application for a residency visa in Malaysia, but he was turned down because he submitted false documentation. He immediately went to begin a new life in Dubai after being rejected. - Hushpuppi regularly purchased compromised bitcoin accounts on the darknet marketplace On one of the accounts he purchased, he changed the password, but later lost it, as a resultin his $310,000 loss. He paid numerous hackers to gain access to his account, according to phone evidence, but each attempt was unsuccessful. Hushpuppi was practicing the violin in an effort to become a violinist. He had taken numerous lessons to learn the violin, which is a wealthy person's instrument. - Huspuppi left a $5,000 tip for a female waitress in Dubai! The restaurant's receipt, which was discovered in his home, revealed that he paid $318 for dinner and an additional $5,000 in tips. That woman received over 2 million Naira just for serving food! View the complete article here:

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