Paternity mess between a banker and a lawyer in abuja Nigeria

Paternity Mess Between a Banker and Lawyer in Abuja Iya Chelsea Reporting… Tunde Ayeni, former chairman of Skye Bank Nigeria PLC, in paternity mess with side chic who happens to be class mate to his daughter. Ije uwa! Our billionaire bank chairman has being fornicating with this young 30 year-old lawyer based in Abuja, whose name is Adaobi since 2019. Ndi “I tap into your grace” gather here…! According to our amebo correspondent, the billionaire was checking her toto Judiciously as she served him with different styles that he forgot he had a 50 year old wife with children at home! Ike gwuru! The billionaire enjoyed himself to the fullest with her as he showered her luxurious gifts! Such as a mansion duplex in Abuja & a big law chambers at 36, Birao Street, Wuse 2, back of AP Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street also in Abuja. Na so na, all work and no play…! At times, he takes her on his private jet to Dubai & some other foreign countries as we heard with our antenna ears whereas leaving his own biological daughter who is a class mate & also older than this side chic to struggle. Ndi “I hustle so much”! Infact, he was one of the major looters that stole from the defunct Skype bank back then which made EFCC to arrest him with 3 others as they were paraded before Justice Ijeoma Ojukwu of the federal high court in Abuja with 10 count charges of money laundering to the tune of N24.4 Billion. Yimu! He was spending heavily on Adaobi, our baby lawyer, who walked on cloud nine with the affairs! She was one of those small gals with a ‘BIG GOD’ as she flaunted the relationship in public! She no send anybody. Mogbe! Trouble started when Adaobi was accused of opening her toto for another client & this made our billionaire chairman to call off the relationship but not with a pregnancy hanging around his neck! Ncha emego guys! Today, Adaobi has a baby girl whom our billionaire chairman does not want to have anything to do with but our young lawyer is hell bent in dragging him like ‘tiger generator”. She said he must own up to his responsibilities & take care of the baby girl as she goes Public to let the world know that our chairman has scored an away goal in Emirate Stadium. This is a developing story…! We shall keep you posted as more drama unfolds! Stay with us…

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