Comparison between cash system against Trade by barter

The company controlling the world is BLACKROCK. They're are major share holders in all the big names you and I know. Randomly mention anyone and you'll see Blackrock as their big investor. Blackrock ensures cash systems stays and maintain it.
The day trade by barter system left earth, that was the day all the errors started. That was a wealth transfer agenda that made good willing people poor and the devils rich. It redefined the world to a system you need to be evil or do evil no matter how little, just to make wealth. Look deeper. There's no fund anywhere in the world. Those things are just figures on a screen and paper in a vault. The real thing disappeared when the world was scammed and paper money was just printed and introduced into the system of the world. Gold is the only and pure medium of exchange God's system can never be wrong. Does not need updating.

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