Meghan markle did one on Nigerians

The current news trending on social media in Nigeria is the simplicity of the dresses worn by Meghan markle yesterday.  Men! Nigerian's slay queens hate that particular dress while average good girl loves it. Well her simplicity killed it all but that does not Mean the damn dress was not costly.
Ok think of the 1950 vintage vehicle she used. Classic choice with simplicity amidst its beauty but that same vehicle is very costly .
Well the main purpose of my write up is to tell likes of davido who could not let us rest because he loves chioma, Or about his private jet .
Please slay queens and simple girls in my homeland Nigeria learn from her .  Noise making and over dressing y'all wear make true men from seeing you.
What The he'll!, some Nigerian cloth designs are called "keep city neat", "I can fly". All those is classically stupid On ya wedding day pls keep it simple because since creation began no human has been given award for "best wedding day" so you don't go home begging for money.
Considering the royal family wealth status you will agree with me  that Meghans dress is quite cheap.
 On the other hand don't look like a market woman because we said keep it simple. look simple but classic radiating beauty.
Thank you
 Below are pictures that will make you laugh.

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